A Leader in Her Own Right

STORY OF A DYNAMIC WOMAN – MRS. LHAINGAH SENGYUNG As the age old saying goes “man must work and women must weep” but here is a woman who had to shoulder manifold tasks and what is striking is that she singlehandedly, though painstakingly, did it. Mrs. Lhaingah Sengyung, born in 1955 at Tumjang village, in […]

Supporting Small Business

Story of Roseline Rongpipi Roseline was born to a peasant family in a remote village, Tapat, around 35 km away from Hamren, the sub-divisional headquarter of West Karbi Anglong district, Assam. With five siblings (two brothers and three sisters) Roseline, being the second eldest of all, had to face the hardships of life from a […]